What is a mobile responsive website

03 February 2020

What is a mobile responsive website?

Working for one of the UK’s leading web design companies, I have the pleasure of working with a wide variety of small businesses on a daily basis. From a local Farm Shop looking to start selling online to high street Hairdressers wanting a new website to promote their local services, they all have one thing in common – they all ask me about a mobile responsive website.

“What is mobile responsive?” and “why do I need a mobile responsive website?” are 2 of the top questions I get asked on a regular basis. So here is some useful information about Mobile Responsive and why it is so important for your new business website.

What is mobile responsive website?

Mobile Responsive (also called Mobile Friendly) means the website will adjust to the size of screen the customer is using to browse - mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or PC.

Why is mobile responsive so important for my website?

There are many valid reasons why a mobile responsive website is vital for a business website including improving customer experience, helping boost google ranking and higher sales.

Focus on the customer experience

Remember that website you clicked on last week and the writing was so teeny tiny you couldn’t read it? Or the website you were trying to order on but you had to keep scrolling to find the buy button, and then it didn’t even work?

Did you stay on that website? No. You went a found another website that was easy to use.

And that is what your customers will do if your website isn’t mobile responsive, they will go and find a competitors website that is.

Driving online ordering

Did you know 4 out of 5 online orders are made on a smart phone in the UK?

Times have changed, and we are now a nation that love to buy online and the convenience this offers. Customers want to order online at 11pm at night or during their commute to work, without having the hassle of having to ring up or pop in to the shop.

By having a mobile responsive website, your customers can order 24/7 on whatever device they are using – and have a great experience doing so!

Help improve your Google ranking

One of the major things that Google and search engines value highly when ranking a website is User Experience (UX). If you have done some research around websites, UX is something you will see mentioned A LOT. Basically, the search engines want to recommend users to view websites that are nice to use; easy to navigate, useful content, good layout.

This where Mobile Responsive comes in to play. A mobile responsive website will readjust to display in the best way, on whatever device the user is browsing on – offering the user a great User Experience (UX).

Are solutionsPro websites mobile responsive?

Yes, every single bespoke website we build is mobile responsive. We know how important it is – mobile responsive is the now and the future of online websites – which is why a mobile responsive version is included at no extra charge for every website we create.

Keen to get started with a new mobile responsive website for your small business? Get in touch with solutionsPro today and we can begin our journey togther!


What is a mobile responsive website
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