Launching your small business online

01 April 2020

We speak to lots of companies across the UK who are looking to launch their business online and aren't sure where to start! A bespoke website is a great first step; a website is like your online window in to your shop, inviting people in to discover more. With a website users can discover your business online 24/7, learn more about your services and buy online.

It is an exciting, yet sometimes daunting, journey to begin but rest assured solutionsPro are here to make it enjoyable AND successful for you. We understand you may have lots of questions about a new website, which our expert team are happy to help answer.

We share our top 6 tips of things to consider when you are starting your online business!


Tip 1: Set your business goals

It is tempting to jump gung-ho in to setting up a new website, but it is advised to step back and take a little bit of time. At this early stage it is the perfect time to define what your business goals are online and from there get a plan of action to grow in the right direction. This helps avoid wasted time and money on little things that won’t actually help you achieve your overall online goals.

When setting your business goals keep in mind DAM good goals which stands for; Defined, Achievable and Measurable.


Tip 2: Do some competitor research

To stand out online, you need to know what the competition is like! Spend some time googling other local businesses and competitors  and explore their online offering. Do they have a website? Are there any layouts you like or don’t like? What products are they selling online?

This is your chance to spot any gaps in the market, see what services you can offer that your competitor doesn’t and what your unique selling point (USP) is.


Tip 3: Choose the right website

Once you know your goals you can choose which solutionsPro website package is best for your small business. View our range of website packages and prices available for your local business. It is great to know from the start what your website main aim is - whether you want to sell products online or just share information and galleries to drive leads. This saves time and money for you in the long run, being ensuring your new website has what you need know and in the future.

Our most popular option is our e-commerce website which has everything a small business that wants to sell online will need – including a bespoke website design and secure shopping cart. If your business doesn’t need online selling, you can choose our brochure website option which means you can fill the pages with content and images to advertise your work.


4: Know your brand

Branding is essential for every business – a strong brand helps customers recognise you and builds engagement. Think of some of the most prominent  brands in the world; for instance spot those giant golden arches anywhere and you know it is McDonalds or that famous ‘swoosh’ tick that doesn’t even need Nike written next to it.

Your brand should be reflected across the board – on your shop front, delivery van, marketing materials and of course your new website! This links everything together nicely so your customer recognises the brand and knows they are on the right website. Branding covers a wide range of things including your logo, brand colours, text fonts and writing style. Our design team will ask you about this during your website build process to ensure the website is a true reflection of your business.

Interested in a professional logo design for your business? Discover our logo and branding options for small businesses!


5: Creative Content

20 years ago Bill Gates famously quoted that ‘content is king online’. And he is still right to this very day. Search engines like Google and customers both want and need useful content on a website – it is one of the most effective ways to build trust which leads to higher conversion.

When getting ready to launch your business online, a good chunk of your time should be spent on creating content for your new website. This includes high quality images, key pages full of at least 300 words of text and product descriptions.

  • Unique content – your website should be full of unique text, not chunks of text that is copy and pasted from another website. Why? 1- Google will know and penalise a site that has duplicated text and 2- your customer needs to see content that is relevant to your business and brand.
  • Helpful content – a website that has lots of helpful information such as an FAQ section, detailed product descriptions, business open hours and delivery information shows Google and customers that you care.
  • Engaging content – as you are not talking to the customer in person, your website is your way to communicate with your customer. Interesting content about your business story, regular blogs or fun ‘how to’ videos mean customers stay longer and engage with your brand longer.


6: Get social

Some businesses think having just a website is enough to get to number 1 on Google and receive lots of sales from day 1. Having a website is a GREAT starting point but to really build you online presence you will need to market your business.

There are lots of free tools and platforms online that allow you to reach a bigger audience, build engagement with your brand and help drive traffic through to your lovely new website. Our top things to do in preparation for your new website:

  • Sign up for Google My Business – a free business profile from Google. You can add open hours, contact information, link to your website and upload images.
  • Get social with a business Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest/LinkedIn page. Depending on your industry will determine which social media options are best for your business.


Ready to take the next step towards your new website?

Get in touch with the team at solutionsPro and we can chat about the best options for you and show you the system with our free online demonstration!



Launching your small business online
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